Welcome to Rose Assets Ltd!  My name is Ruzina and I have been involved with property since the tender age of 19.  Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to purchase my parents home along with my brother, to stop our home from being repossessed and eventually homeless.  For me that was the first turning point in my life about having knowledge in the world of finance and property. It saved my family and I from losing our home.


I started to self manage my “baby HMO” and purchased a normal Buy to Let property before the age of 25.  I am continuously looking and purchasing properties that could be put towards good use.


Over the last few years I have become an accredited member of the NLA and attended several courses in the property sector including HMO’s and Social Housing. My education was through Elite Legacy.


Buy To Let - Norfolk

Buy To Let - Norfolk

Multi-Let - North London

Multi-Let - North London

HMO - Liverpool

HMO - Liverpool


Are you someone who has saved up a substantial amount over time, but still find that you are not being paid enough for it?

Why not invest it with us on property?

Depending on how much you wish to invest, we will have the right property to match your savings on.

We can offer anything between 6-10% in return for a certain period of time, which is a lot more than collecting dust in a savings account, wouldn’t you agree?


Are you someone who has always been interested in climbing up the property ladder or even getting started in the property world, but lack the knowledge or time?

Nothing is more frustrating than wasting time and money, especially at the same time, right?

So why not Joint Venture with us and experience a hands-off experience of being Landlords and at the same time make a healthy income every month?


Are you somebody who is not quite ready to jump over to investing money in to property but still require a high standard accommodation?

We have a range of rooms in HMO’s to 1, 2, 3 bedroom or more houses/flats, which have been newly refurbished and supplied with brand new white goods and stylish furniture.

We will update the website regularly with new accommodation to rent.


We have various properties that are waiting to be filled with tenants who deal directly with the Council or a Housing Association.

All of our properties are newly decorated and looking for tenants who need a home.  Someone who will give the property a purpose.  Wether you are a single parent with little ones, or someone who just can’t catch a break and needs a place to get yourself back on your feet again.

We will update the site with new accommodation when they’re available.


Are the pressures of being a Landlord wearing you out?  Do you want to relieve the burden of fixing leaky taps or changing locks in the middle of the night?


It could also be because the financial strain of having a mortgage is making it harder for you to run your life.


Have no fear, as we can help reduce all your stress!  We can come up with an arrangement where you will not be out of pocket and walk away with a huge smile on your face because you know that property will be taken care of as well as yourself.

Ruzina Begum


Mobile:  +44 7903 134 836

Email:  infinite@roseassetsltd.com

Website:  www.roseassetsltd.com